CTO Insights: Optimizing Your Data Center with Virtualization and Automation
Join this webinar to hear a practical discussion about the advances in virtualization and automation. See specific examples that enable you to consolidate data center resources — and rapidly deploy those resources to the services that need them, as they need them.

What you will learn:
How virtualization prevents over-provisioning resources, offering clear, easily quantified economic advantages.
How service-level automation uses shared resource pools to assign and re-assign resources to applications based on the real-time performance of the services they support.
How a combined virtualization and automation solution can maximize flexibility while minimizing the resource expenses for both the software and hardware.
Join us to learn what two of the top technologists in the industry believe you should be investigating and adopting today so that you can continue to achieve your IT and business goals tomorrow.

Simon Crosby
CTO and Founder
XenSource Ltd.
An industry evangelist for the Xen™ open source hypervisor, Simon Crosby is CTO of XenSource. In this position, he is responsible for XenEnterprise R&D, technology leadership and product management, and maintaining a close affiliation to the Xen project run by Ian Pratt, the founder of XenSource. Prior to XenSource, Simon was a principal engineer at Intel where he led strategic research in distributed autonomic computing, platform security and trust. Before Intel, Simon founded CPlane Inc., a network optimization software vendor, and held a variety of executive roles, including president & CEO, chairman and CTO. Prior to CPlane, Simon was a tenured faculty member at the University of Cambridge, UK, where he led research on network performance and control and multimedia operating systems. He is author of over 35 research papers and patents on a number of datacenter and networking topics, including security, network and server virtualization, resource optimization and performance. Simon is a frequent speaker on the topic of enterprise-grade virtualization with open source technologies and has most recently been a presenter at such well-known industry events as LinuxWorld, Interop and the Server Blade Summit.
Rob Gingell
CTO and Executive Vice President, Products
Cassatt Corporation

Rob Gingell has over 30 years of technology expertise, primarily in systems software. Before joining Cassatt, he was Sun Microsystems' Chief Engineer and a Sun Fellow and Vice President, with responsibilities for overall architectural management and in technical direction of the company. He has also been Chief Technologist for Sun's software efforts, and was technical leader for several generations of Solaris and its predecessor SunOS operating systems. Gingell's contributions range from creating the original dynamic linking mechanisms now found in all UNIX implementations, to memory management technologies and operating system organization, to developing the Application Binary Interface (ABI) technologies that provided robust compatibility to applications in the face of significant implementation change. Prior to Sun, he built a variety of special purpose operating systems for network and graphics computers, real-time applications, CAD environments, and more. A strong advocate of open standards, he has served as the chair of the Java Community Process and on the boards of X/Open, the Open Software Foundation, and The Open Group. He has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.
CTO Insights:
Optimizing Your Data Center with Virtualization and Automation
Simon Crosby
CTO and Founder
XenSource Ltd.
Rob Gingell
CTO and EVP of Products
Cassatt Corp.
June 6, 2007
9:00 a.m. (Los Angeles time zone)

World Time Clock
Duration: 60 minutes (includes time for your questions for Simon and Rob)